Combustible Dust


Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression

Kidde Fire Systems, a global leader in fire protection, and Donaldson have partnered to define fire suppression packages for many standard Donaldson Torit Collectors. 
These fire suppression packages include: a Kidde High Pressure CO2 fire suppression system, an optional smoke detector, a Power Interrupt panel, and inlet/outlet fire dampers. Custom Kidde fire suppression packages for unique applications or collectors are also available.​​
​HP CO2 fire suppression systems are designed to minimize the impact from a fire to the collector and to the surrounding area. The HP CO2 fire suppression system follows the design practices in NFPA 12, which calls for the flooding of a collector with CO2 to a 75% concentration. The HP CO2 fire suppression system typically uses one, two or three CO2 cylinders piped to a discharge nozzle mounted in the collector or the inlet duct.​
The classic fire triangle consists of an ignition source, a fuel, and an oxidizer –  all of which are needed to produce a fire
Unfortunately it is often easy to ​find all three in many manufacturing facilities around various dust collection points and in collectors. 

Sparks, heat, or embers from many processes can become ignition sources.  The dust, fume, or mist being produced and collected may provide fuel. Air used to transport dust, fume, or mist to a collector then provides the last component, an oxidizer.
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